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What is a Life Settlement?
Life Settlement History
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(New Sep 2014) Is selling my life Insurance policy a good idea?
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Assisting a Client Through the Life Settlement Process

Life Settlement Videos For Producers or Investor

New Sep 2014: Life Insurance Settlement Update for 2014 -
Video Interview: How advisors can benefit from a rejuvenated Life Settlement market?

New Sep 2014 - Video Interview: How advisers can profit by the history of life settlements -

New Sep 2014 - Video Interview: Why the rules of engagement are important in the life settlement market

New Sep 2014 - Video Interview: How advisers can expand their practice using the life settlement market


New Sep 2014 - Video Interview: How advisers use education in the life settlements to recruit clients


The Life Settlement Option: A VIEW FROM THE TOP

(Senior Market Advisor Sponsored Content)

Has the advisor’s approach to seeking offers for a life settlement changed?

What does the increase in competition in the life settlement marketplace ultimately mean to the advisor and the client?

When you look at the most successful settlement life agents are there common themes in their success?

Why are you so optimistic about the future of life settlements?

What do you see as the biggest challenges and opportunities for the industry in years ahead?

What evidence do we have that longevity markets are maturing?

Why is investment capital returning to the market?

What kind of investors are purchasing life settlements?

Why should investors be more confident in the life settlement asset class then when you first got involved with it?

What's new and different in the life settlement marketplace?

What is the greatest risk for failure of the life settlement market over the next five years?

What will be the primary drivers for growth of the life settlement industry in the future?

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