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Life Insurance Settlement Association Membership Benefits

Established in 1994, the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) is the oldest and largest trade organization in the life settlement market.

LISA has played a key role in developing legislation and regulations as the foundation for an open, transparent and competitive market for the transaction of life settlements.  LISA’s mission is to promote the development, integrity, and credibility of the life settlement market, where consumer life insurance policyholders can chose to sell policies that are no longer needed, wanted, or whose premiums are no longer affordable.

The life settlement industry is a dynamic marketplace representing the needs of life insurance policy owners and the Life Insurance Settlement Association is proud to serve as its leading voice. 

LISA members are held to the highest ethical standards in business practices. They also pledge to improve public information and awareness, resulting in a healthy industry, strong individual businesses, and better service to consumers.

LISA Membership has much to offer – whether you are just entering the life settlement market or building upon years of experience and seeking to benefit from the influence, activities and services of LISA and its members. By being a member, you will definitely have the resources you need to excel in the market.

As a LISA member, you gain access to the industry’s latest news, developing research, reference materials and discounted conference rates, providing you a significant financial benefit. Being a member of LISA gives you a voice of influence in the industry among legislators, regulators and other governmental bodies.


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LISA's Membership is the best option for firms that desire to benefit from the influence, activities and services LISA represents in the life settlement industry.

As a Member of LISA, your membership extends to your employees and coworkers. Your membership also grants voting rights to your designated member representative, provides an opportunity to participate in committee activities and become a candidate for the Board of Directors. The cost of membership is $2,125 per quarter ($8,500 annually).

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Benefits Guide


Joining the Life Insurance Settlement Association is nothing short a smart decision.

Secure your LISA membership today to stay up-to-date on the latest activities in a variety of areas, including:

Legislation and regulation affecting the industry
Consumer Protection
Education & Awareness

LISA membership offers access to ALL the important resources you need to perform your services in compliance with state regulations while meeting the standards of the Association:

LISA Website

Access an unparalleled array of information critical to your business interests, including:

Currently proposed and enacted state and federal laws.
Emerging regulatory developments in the industry.
Important legal decisions.
The latest actions by state and federal legislative bodies.
Breaking news in our exclusive News Rooms.
Industry research and white papers.

LISA membership also enables you to use the LISA logo on your company website. In addition, enjoy 24/7 public representation and lead generation opportunities on our public website.

LISA Conference Calls

Stay in touch with industry developments crucial to your business interests through our conference calls. The calls provide substantive forums in which to discuss timely industry topics, important legislative and regulatory developments, and other key issues. You can also voice your unique concerns to LISA leadership and receive immediate feedback.

Life Insurance Settlement Center for Education

Under LISA’s umbrella, the Life Insurance Settlement Center for Education serves as a national educational provider of continuing education.

LISA provides you with a comprehensive list of approved continuing education courses that you can use as marketing tools to host events and presentations for potential clients. In addition, members can advertise that these courses are eligible for continuing education credits to consumer advisors such as Certified Financial Planners, Certified Public Accountants, attorneys and insurance agents.

One of the key benefits is that LISA helps you with all the education compliance required by different state departments of insurance, Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, National Association of State Boards of Accountancy and state bar associations. Examples of compliance requirements include handling the certification of instructors, scheduling of courses, sign-in sheets, evaluation forms, advertising compliance, credit reporting, certificates of completion and archival of documents.

As an Associate Member, LISA-developed courses help you focus on generating new leads and foster your client’s interaction within the industry.

As a Voting Member, you can benefit even more by personalizing LISA’s courses with your company’s logo and branding standards. With LISA’s endorsement and co-branding, your courses will be perceived as of a higher caliber and you will have a competitive edge, along with an additional avenue to generate leads.

LISA License Matrix

Store and track life settlement licenses and archive expired licenses with 24/7 access to the License Matrix
a fully secure, online repository for all active and current licenses.

You can also schedule and receive email alerts when a license is due for renewal. It's now easier than ever to maintain a fully tracked library of licenses with just the click of a mouse!

Legislative and Regulatory Tools

As a LISA member, you have access to primary state and federal documents, including all relevant applications, forms and required materials. All past and current state laws and regulations are permanently accessible, and all proposed legislation and regulation is tracked, commented on, and made available to you.
LISA’s analyses and updates cover the complete legislative and regulatory landscape. As a LISA member, you can stay up-to-date on the activities of non- and quasi-governmental organizations such NCOIL, NAIC, ACLI, NAIFA, and many others. Documents originating with these organizations are also collected, commented on and made available. All legal proceedings relating to life settlements or related issues are tracked and accessible as well. You receive a thorough breakdown of each case, and all relevant supporting documents.  You can also use an advanced case search to research any related legal proceedings.

LISA Conferences, Seminars, Events

Enjoy significantly reduced conference rates and members-only access to issue-specific summits, forums, seminars, and other special events.

Easily the largest and most diverse gathering of industry professionals in the secondary market, our annual conferences have consistently drawn hundreds of attendees for more than a decade.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why LISA membership is a great value. So why wait?

Secure your LISA membership today.