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Life Settlements Your Client's Unknown Asset

Life settlements are one option frequently overlooked by advisors and their clients. Further, not understanding the life settlement option is oftentimes cited as the primary reason more advisors don’t divulge this alternative. This session will provide an introduction to life settlements and why this should be considered an asset in every senior’s portfolio. Specific topics include: definitions, industry history, regulatory and licensing requirements, transaction participants and their roles, when to consider a settlement, its implications and factors that influence the price of a policy. Throughout the presentation, several real-world case examples will illustrate the concepts presented.

By Darwin Bayston
President and CEO
Life Insurance Settlement Association
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Life Settlements and Retirement Planning

For financial planners, attorneys and certified public accounts who counsel retirees and pre-retirees, planning for longevity is an important proficiency. It begins with an understanding of the possibility that today’s retired people may live to a very old age. These advisors help clients determine what they need to achieve their retirement goals and generate retirement income. In this session, advisors will learn about the role that a Life Settlement plays in client’s retirement planning, with a focus on developing long-term financial planning and sound retirement budgets to generate adequate income and avoid asset depletion in old age. Specific topics include: Role that life settlements can play in long-term care, retirement planning, effective financial management and asset allocation.

By Steve Sabes 
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How Do Life Settlements Compare with Other Products

Financial planners, attorneys and certified public accounts house a variety of financial planning tools in their arsenal. These items can include reverse mortgages, modified endowment contracts and other options available under a life insurance contract, such as an accelerated death benefit. But why is the life settlement option so often ignored? See how life settlements match up against other financial planning tools and identify when a policy may or may not present the proper opportunity for your client. Specific topics include: 1035 exchanges with policy reductions, living benefit options, reverse mortgages, the use of accelerated benefit riders and retained benefit settlements, and borrowing against the face value of the policy.

By Stephen Shorrock
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The Role of the Life Settlement Broker - And How They Can Help

There are a lot of moving parts in a life settlement transaction which is why it is recommended that consumers seek the assistance of an experienced professional, such as a life settlement broker. Life settlement brokers can prove an indispensable resource for insurance agents and other advisors. This session will illustrate the value that life settlement brokers bring to a life settlement transaction and how can they be an asset when assisting your client with this option. Specific topics include: fiduciary duty to the client, management of offers, full disclosures, and transaction timelines.

By Jon Mendelsohn 
Chief Executive Officer
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Performing Due Diligence on Policies and How They are Valued

A complicated question – simplified. Our expert speakers will break down the numbers to explain what elements impact the value of a life settlement. A number of common questions from consumers and advisors will be addressed, including: What goes in to evaluating a policy? What are the different types of policies that can be sold? And, who qualifies? Specific topics include: life expectancy underwriting, compliance with ever-changing state laws, quality of carrier underwriting, premiums, and discount rates.

By Dan Young
Magna Life Settlements

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Advisor Liability and Fiduciary Duty

As a financial planner, attorney or certified public accountant, what regulatory requirements are necessary in order to participate in this asset class on behalf of your clients? Did you know that in some states advisors are being sued because they did not alert their clients to the life settlement option? This session will cover fiduciary duty and liability as well as provide a legal comparison of other financial products and how transparent and accountable they are in comparison to a life settlement transaction. Other regulatory issues, including licensing, disclosure and commission requirements will also be reviewed. Specific topics: Professional fiduciary duty and liability concerns, risk management and exposure.

By James W. Maxson
Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP

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