Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) Elects New Board Members, Officers: Alan Buerger of Coventry to Lead Organization

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Posted Date 05/30/2012
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Publish Date 05/30/2012
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Marketwire, 30 May 2012

LISA announced the election of the following individuals to its Board of Directors at its Members’ Meeting held on Monday, May 21, 2012 in Philadelphia. New Directors elected for a two-year term include:

- Alan Buerger, Chief Executive Officer, Coventry First, LLC
- Nate Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer, Maple Life Financial Inc.
- Mike Fasano, President, Fasano Associates
- Vince Granieri, Chief Financial Officer and Actuary, 21st Services
- Phil Loy, Co-Founder, AVS Underwriting, LLC
- Paul Siegert, Chairman and President, GWG Life Settlements, LLC

The six newly elected Directors join the following five members to comprise the 11-member Board:

- Adam Balinsky, Managing Member, Jabrem Consulting, LLC
- Brian Casey, Partner, Locke Lord LLP
- Rob Haynie, Managing Director, Life Insurance Settlements, Inc.
- Jim Maxson, Partner, Morris Manning & Martin, LLP
- Jon Mendelsohn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ashar Group, LLC

Buerger was elected Chairman along with officers, Paul Siegert, Vice Chairman, Phil Loy, Treasurer, and Brian Casey, Secretary. Darwin Bayston serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Buerger also announced that the Chairman of the External Affairs Committee will be Bryan Freeman, Habersham Funding, LLC. Other members of the Committee will be Michael Freedman, Nate Evans. Additional LISA members will be added in the coming weeks.

About LISA

Established in 1994, the Life Insurance Settlement Association is the oldest and largest trade organization in the life settlement market. Its goal is to advance the highest standards of conduct for market participants and to promote education and awareness to consumers, investors and public officials. LISA represents more than 100 member firms including life settlement brokers, life settlement providers, institutional investors, life settlement servicers and other service providers.

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